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Market leadership
in a digital era

Principles, practices and creative solutions for marketing, positioning and digitally transforming in an agile, fast-paced, audience economy.

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Creative that connects

Bringing design, creativity and moments to life through powerful photography, media and design.


Dave Yeates

Director, Digital Marketing and Transformation Specialist

Dave is a visionary and serial entrepreneur.

Fuelled by a passion for growth, change and progress, Dave's unique blend of energy, brand insight and digital strategy brings clever thinking and creative marketing together with an entrepreneurial energy that captures projects, executive teams and board rooms.

Dave brings energy, creativity and a meaningful sense of progress to every project.

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Carmen Yeates

Director, Photographer, Influencer

Carmen has been involved in entrepreneurial ventures her whole life. She knows too well the grit required to 'get things done' in the world when you're small and growing. Applying that same ethic to creative industries, social media and photography for both D.Why and her own practice, rosegrace photography (below).

Carmen brings critical thought, creativity and an aesthetic touch to all she does.

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Cross-Industry Leadership in Creativity, Technology and Design

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Re:Think Mining

Learning and Development for the Mining Industry in a new era of tech

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Agile, Leadership and The Future of Work


rosegrace photography

Photography of Little People, for families and brands



Global | Remote | based in Adelaide, Aus

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